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Up to 35% of meter electrical connectivity mappings in the distribution network have been shown to be inaccurate. Furthermore, most of the models in the databases are still single-phase without any information about load phase assignment. This is making simulation and analysis difficult for the low-voltage network.

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Gridscope is a software application that allows you to take existing data about your power distribution network, combine it with measurements from existing smart meters and come out with an accurate, full three-phase network model of your grid. The obtained network model can then be used for further analysis such as asymmetry estimation and hosting capacity evaluation.


Improved network planning and network utilization – To get the most out of the distribution network and to correctly prioritize reinforcements and expansions, an accurate and up-to-date model of the grid is necessary.

Combined with measurement data from smart metering infrastructure, such a network model enables detailed analysis, simulations and evaluation of different generation and load scenarios. This way you can devise alternative measures to improve voltage conditions without always resorting to cable reinforcement.

Best features

Three-phase network model construction

The three-phase network model construction feature makes use of the spatial data about network cable and line routes, data about cables and conductors layed, types and places of grounding, and constructs a full three-phase model with modeled neutral and ground return paths.

Model validation

The constructed model can be verified by means of smart-meter measurements that are already present in the network. Validation process is able to fit the measurements present in the network to the constructed network model and detect load phase assignments, detect errors in connectivity (feeder and position on feeder) and indicate line impedance errors.

Asymmetry evaluation

Load asymmetry is a time and space varying phenomena. The necessary condition for its accurate evaluation is a detailed and correct network model. With analysis it is possible to determine recurring patterns and devise measures for its mitigation. Different metrics and filters for evaluation are possible offering you maximum flexibility.

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Benefits of knowing your low voltage topology in combination with your existing measurement infrastructure

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