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Load asymmetry which is giving rise to voltage asymmetry is an ever-present problem in the power distribution network. In most cases it is not permanently solvable by static reconnection of loads as loads change all the time and asymmetry may shift from one phase to another.

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Gridbalancer actively reduces load asymmetry in your power distribution network by transferring the loads from the more loaded network phase to the less loaded one. The switching maneuver is performed in a way that does not interrupt the power supply or even cause the discontinuity in the voltage phase thus making the switching maneuver unnoticeable on the consumer side.


Improved voltage profile – As Gridbalancer rearranges the loads to achieve better symmetry, this leads to improved voltage profiles and lower voltage asymmetry. When load situation changes in the network the balancer again ensures maximum achievable load symmetry.

Reduced technical losses – With greater load symmetry the return current due to asymmetry is reduced, this on one hand reduces the technical losses in the neutral conductor and ground, as well as reduces technical losses in the line conductors.

Best features

No loss of load phasing information

Phase switching maneuvers render the load phase information incorrect. To ensure that smart meter measurements can be phase paired correctly, the Gridbalancer communicates the switching maneuver information, when it occurs via its cellular connection.

Locally implemented switching logic

Locally implemented switching logic requires no central coordination for phase rearrangement even in the presence of any balancers on the same supply feeder.

Extremely low conduction losses

In steady state, the gridbalancer has a conductive resistance of about 0.35mOhm which is equivalent to 1.5 meters of 70mm^2 aluminium conductor.

No influence on the power line communication (PLC)

As the input and output of the device are hardwire connected there can be no influence on any of the communication signals that may be present on the power conductors.

No noticeable effect of phase changeover

Due to the specially developed technology there is no noticeable effect of phase switchover.

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Reliable way to actively reduce your load imbalance in power distribution network

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