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Smallest, cheapest and easiest way to identify absolute phase in your power grid.

It often happens that one phase is more loaded than the other two, causing breaker trippings and other kinds of trouble. The problem occurs in low-voltage power distribution networks as well as in larger residential and industrial buildings. Color coded conductors rarely match the same phase throughout the power installation and thus exact phase determination at point of interest is often impossible.

Gridphase delivers absolute phase identification anywhere in the network, without the need for installation of a reference or signal injecting device, helping you with load asymmetry mitigation. The built-in GPS buffer ensures operation even in spaces with no GPS signal and the mobile application ensures operation even in cases where there is no cellular signal.

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Power distribution network modeling and analysis tool that allows you to know your network.

Up to 35% of meter electrical connectivity mappings in the distribution network have been shown to be inaccurate. Furthermore, most of the models in the databases are still single-phase without any information about load phase assignment. This is making simulation and analysis difficult for the low-voltage network.

Gridscope is a software application that allows you to take existing data about your power distribution network, combine it with measurements from existing smart meters and come out with an accurate, full three-phase network model of your grid. The obtained network model can then be used for further analysis such as asymmetry estimation and hosting capacity evaluation.

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Reliable way to actively reduce load asymmetry in the distribution network.

Load asymmetry which is giving rise to voltage asymmetry is an ever-present problem in the power distribution network. In most cases it is not permanently solvable by static reconnection of loads as loads change all the time and asymmetry may shift from one phase to another.

Gridbalancer actively reduces load asymmetry in your power distribution network by transferring the loads from the more loaded network phase to the less loaded one. The switching maneuver is performed in a way that does not interrupt the power supply or even cause the discontinuity in the voltage phase thus making the switching maneuver unnoticeable on the consumer side.

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