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It often happens that one phase is more loaded than the other two, causing breaker trippings and other kinds of trouble. The problem occurs in low-voltage power distribution networks as well as in larger residential and industrial buildings. Color coded conductors rarely match the same phase throughout the power installation and thus exact phase determination at point of interest is often impossible.

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GridPhase delivers absolute phase identification anywhere in the network, without the need for installation of a reference or signal injecting device, helping you with load asymmetry mitigation. The built-in GPS buffer ensures operation even in spaces with no GPS signal and the mobile application ensures operation even in cases where there is no cellular signal.


Load rearrangement – Be it a large industrial or residential building or a part of a low-voltage power distribution network. GridPhase will help you with load rearrangement to achieve better load symmetry and improve voltage conditions.

Best features

Instantaneous error free phase detection

The synchrophasor measurement technology allows for the error free phase identification even if the reference device is hundreds of kilometers away.

No cellular signal required

If cellular signal is not present on the connected mobile phone. The measurements can be saved and paired with the reference device after internet connection is once again available.

Phase/Neutral detection

You do not need to worry about accidentally switching the live and neutral voltage probes (which would normally produce 180 degree shift) as the device can automatically detect live conductor and correct the measurement.

No reference device installation required

The device can just be turned on, connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and it is ready to execute the measurement. The mobile device will automatically find the reference device in the same synchronous zone (if virtual node mode is used) or load the grid network model and suggest the nearest busbar to which you want to reference the measurements.

Synchronization buffer

Synchronization buffer enables you to execute measurement without GPS signal present, once the device has been synchronized to the GPS signal. Buffer holds the synchronization up to 3 hours.

Grid model support

In case you want to use the same reference throughout the network and keep your complete distribution network in order we offer you the option of using your network model in the smartphone application. Thus you can just select the busbar you want to reference against without the need to perform a reference measurement.

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Smallest, cheapest and easiest way to identify absolute phase in your power grid.

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